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We just absolutely love character Claire Underwood, played by Robin Wright. From her crisp and flawless business attires, to her timeless cocktail dresses, Claire never seizes to amaze us here at Bravado Living.   Just what makes her wardrobe so sophisticated and damn right sexy? Claire seems to be a fan of the neutral colors, […]


Whether you consider yourself a water sports enthusiast or not, a waterproof backpack can come in handy for anyone as you never know when an unexpected downpour could go down, so to speak. It’s also a very nifty accessory to have with you for a spontaneous trip to the beach on the weekend. This is […]


The term ‘smooth sailing’ takes on a whole new meaning with the breathtaking and very futuristic 42.5 m Trimaran Adastra. Originally built to suit the needs of a Hong Kong businessman and his lucky passengers, the Adastra Yacht boasts luxury accommodations that would make a millionaire blush. This remarkable boat spent four years in the […]


The guys at Little Bonsai have truly outdone themselves with this incredible invention: The Clip. We might even go as far as saying that this is a must-have for every guy. How exactly can The Clip serve you? Let us count the ways. The Clip can serve as a key holder for all your keys, […]


If your last Takara Kabuto bike was stolen, and you’re not comfortable leaving your next bike out on the balcony either, the Delta Michelangelo Bike Rack may be exactly what you’re looking for. Especially if you prefer not randomly drilling holes into the walls of your humble abode. The Delta Michelangelo Bike Rack looks super clean, […]


You can smell it already. Fresh cut grass. White leather gloves. Musty green jackets.   Golf season is upon us. It’s a little known secret that one of the quickest ways to improve your scores is to get accurate reads for each one of your clubs. How many times have you hit a beautiful shot, […]


We were recently contacted by Duncan Grant, Director of the Dalvery Shirt company from the UK. We’ve featured some of the their products in the past here and here, and they contacted us to correct our links. It’s always nice to hear from small, family owned companies that care about their product. So we were thrilled when […]


Picture this: you wake up on a beautiful Saturday morning sprawled out on your pool deck. You’re hungover but the girls want to go out on the boat. You kind of want to go out too, but the Yacht is such a bitch to get out of the dock. If you’re anything like us, this […]


Now that Apple has stopped TV rentals, it really helps makes the decision easier when buying an internet TV portal.. If you’re tired of creeping cable costs, surprise hidden fees, and terrible commercials, well so are we. For those ready to clip the cable clip, one box worth exploring is the Roku 2. It’s been a […]


A lot has happened in the past 5 years. We’ve gone through a housing bubble and recession, we’ve changed presidents, we’ve changed clothes (hopefully), and we’ve got a new outlook on life. One thing that hasn’t changed has been out preference for quality, yet understated watches. One watch that reignited out passion for horology this week is […]



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