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Sexy girl in gym

The correct answer is absolutely. It is ALWAYS ok to approach women. You will date 0% of the women you never approach. Here’s how you do it without looking like a douche: 1.)Change your attitude First you need to get rid of that strong, silent attitude most guys in the gym have. It seems like […]

Now here’s a story that makes you feel good about the future of humanity, at least if you’re a guy. Scientists have found that evolution is leading women – but not men – to become ever more beautiful over time. Researchers at the University of Helsinki have discovered that good-looking women have more children than less […]

There’s nothing more embarrassing then showing up to a club and getting rejected at the door. Or so we hear, it’s never actually happened to us at THS. You can’t dress up like a DJ every night, or can you? Well now you can learn from the pros on how to get into any nightclub. Bring […]

Ralph Lauren Black Label 2009 Collection

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First Date Fiasco

Sure. If you want to go home with a peck on the cheek. Chances are you have probably been doing the dinner and a movie date for a while. Or the dinner date. Or the movie date. These places are terrible for building attraction, they don’t highlight your personality, and they don’t foster affection. All […]



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