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Close, but no cigar

When I ask you to picture for me a “power” tie what do you envision? Images of Gordon Gecko, the Apprentice, and other executives with bad hair flash through your mind. There’s also a chance  you’re probably thinking red. Red, was for a long time considered the staple color for any self-respecting executive’s “power” tie. […]

Black Wool Coat by Burberry $2,250

Really? You might ask us? The MOST timeless article? You could make an argument otherwise but you can’t deny the timeless appeal of the standard pea coat. Suits? Arguable. In the 90′s it was all about 3-Button Suits. In the Early 2000′s vested 3-piece suits became all the rage. Now conjuring your best “Mad Men” […]

Your bread and butter

Everybody knows one of the cardinal rules of fashion: your belt should match your shoes. And while this rule will never steer you wrong, it is important to know when it O.K. to break it  (for casual outfits). It is also just as important to know when to follow it religiously: In the office, at […]


I love this tie by Robert Talbott. This is such a great-looking tie, I just can’t get over it. It has an amazingly detailed and intricate design which done feel overdone and it’s all done a richly textured silk tie. This is a tie that will have you turning heads when you walk done the […]

“This is another peek at the new collections that are popping up this upcoming spring. This is a gingham shirt by Hyden Yoo Vilas. If I was an up and coming young banker or advertising exec who wants to seem professional but still hip, this is what I would wear. I feel that Hyden Yoo […]

Ties are a great way to set off a dress shirt, add a little more spice or presence to your person. They can also make you look like a douchy clown who got pelted with melted crayons. Sometimes, I feel, some guys just have no idea that the tie they are wearing is taking away […]


The trick with going tieless is making it seem like you don’t need a tie, not that you forgot one. In order to pull of this look you’ll need a two button suit (or one button if you think you can pull it off). Three button suits are for middle-managment and ESPN anchors. Wear it […]

There is a saying that a man’s socks should be the same color as his trousers but a bit darker. Well, when no complementary colored hose are available a pair that is the color of the trousers will do. Just. But I prefer to see them somewhat lighter than the trousers rather than darker. That […]


“Shoes are the first thing people notice.” This cliché is arguably the most overused fashion advice when it comes to men. Despite this, men often neglect the choice and care of their footwear. The longevity and beauty of a man’s shoes is first determined by the quality of the shoe itself. However, once a quality […]

Here are GQ’s 10 commandments of style: 1. Honor thy tailor Even the best suits need altering. Pants need to be shortened, jackets need to be brought in, sleeves need to be narrowed (yes, you can ask your tailor to slim down your sleeves), and buttons need to be realigned with buttonholes (most guys’ shoulders […]



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