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Ever wonder why girls wear those giant bug-eye sunglasses? It’s because sunglasses make you look like a rockstar. They instantly upgrade your image, hide squinty eyes, and give you an effortless cool that just can’t be replicated shadeless. Unfortunately for men, we can’t just buy the biggest sunglasses we can afford, attempt to hide half […]

I love these sunglasses by Oliver Goldsmith. I know I was just talking about sunglasses the other day, but these are truly worth mentioning in their own right. They are limited editions and are the result of a collaboration between Oliver Goldsmith and Aseef Vaza. If both these names sound unfamiliar, well sit back and […]

When someone says Ray Ban, many people immediately think of the Aviators. I love aviator sunglasses, I always have and I always will. Lately though, aviators are starting to stand out to me as obvious signs of douchery. So, time to go back to another classic look, the Ray Ban wayfarers, guaranteed to make you […]

If you were thinking to yourself, you know I wish I could find some sunglasses douchier than my white Oakleys. Well they’ve arrived. Yeah we don’t know either. Coming soon to a daft punk concert near you. BUY IT Martin Margiela Eyewear $545

David Yurman "Buckle" Sunglasses

The quickest upgrade to your overall look will always be sunglasses. They make you look like a movie star, hide your ugly mug, and prevent squinty eye syndrome. They look just as good with a suit as they do on the beach, and with summer approaching fast, there’s no better time to invest in a […]



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