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Whether it’s the birth of a baby, drinks with the boss, or after the purchase of a new car, there comes a point in every man’s life where he is handed a cigar. You can either stare at it blankly, smoke it like a cigarette, inhale and cough all over yourself, and risk losing all […]


Smoking cigars has been a masculine past time since the dawn of tabacco. There’s something to be said about puffing on a high quality stogey, maybe while you sip some good whiskey on ice, and just letting the stress flow out of your body like smoke. Cigars are synonymous with class and refinement, a symbol […]

Check out this new addition to the highly popular line of turbo lighters from Dunhill.  The Turbo Matt Black Alligator Lighter. Any guy who smokes, be it cigarettes or cigars, knows that a great lighter can really make a great impression on someone else. When a lady friend asks you to light her cigarette, usually […]



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