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We just absolutely love character Claire Underwood, played by Robin Wright. From her crisp and flawless business attires, to her timeless cocktail dresses, Claire never seizes to amaze us here at Bravado Living.   Just what makes her wardrobe so sophisticated and damn right sexy? Claire seems to be a fan of the neutral colors, […]


Whether you consider yourself a water sports enthusiast or not, a waterproof backpack can come in handy for anyone as you never know when an unexpected downpour could go down, so to speak. It’s also a very nifty accessory to have with you for a spontaneous trip to the beach on the weekend. This is […]


We were recently contacted by Duncan Grant, Director of the Dalvery Shirt company from the UK. We’ve featured some of the their products in the past here and here, and they contacted us to correct our links. It’s always nice to hear from small, family owned companies that care about their product. So we were thrilled when […]


A lot has happened in the past 5 years. We’ve gone through a housing bubble and recession, we’ve changed presidents, we’ve changed clothes (hopefully), and we’ve got a new outlook on life. One thing that hasn’t changed has been out preference for quality, yet understated watches. One watch that reignited out passion for horology this week is […]


Most people have the notion that negotiation is dirty. Something that is a necessary evil when purchasing a new home or asking for a raise. What most people fail to recognize is that negotiations happen every day of your life, and you are giving up opportunities for your own personal gain and growth by failing to 1.) […]

Boys will be boys...

Boys will be boys, but being knotty just might be fashionable some day; the day you receive an invitation to a black-tie, or other formal affair.

Know your nose.

Give yourself a competitive edge, in the game of love, with the perfect scent for a sophisticated gent such as yourself.

Small Boy Shaving

Delivering a kiss with a tickle, or scratch, may not be on her list of approved romantic gestures…


You will attend many parties in your life. Some will be good. Most will be bad. One way to ensure a great time is by actually throwing a party yourself. Here at BravadoLiving, we will explain the difference between parties that flourish, and those that flop. More importantly we will show you the way to stay in […]

Sexy girl in gym

The correct answer is absolutely. It is ALWAYS ok to approach women. You will date 0% of the women you never approach. Here’s how you do it without looking like a douche: 1.)Change your attitude First you need to get rid of that strong, silent attitude most guys in the gym have. It seems like […]



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