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2012 BMW M5- The King of the Road

This car is the ultimate blend of speed and sport. Blending speed and refinement, sexiness and grandeur, professionalism and all out maniacalism, this car is the ultimate king’s car. It looks just as appropriate at the board room as it does on Miami Beach with a party in your backseat.


Sure you could go out and buy yourself a brand new DB9. But like a fine wine -we feel a car, when properly cared for, gets better with age. James Bond’s 1964 Aston Martin DB5 is going up for auction this October. The World’s Most Famous Car? This iconic beast of a car would fetch […]


Looking curiously similar to the bat-mobile, Lamborghini will unveil it’s newest creation next week at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Pumping a scary 650 horsepower out of it’s Mid-Mounted V12 engine and reaching speeds of over 200 MPH, and acceleration of 0-60 in under 3.4 seconds (in a convertible mind you!), this beast is menacing. Never […]


Some cars may try their damndest to imitate, but all fall far short of the Alpha Romeo 8C Competizione. In fact, the only thing that could possibly touch the powerful grace of the 8C must come directly from Alpha Romeo itself. Rumors and snippets of information have been flying on an upcoming 8C GTA to be […]


[youtube=] Like a beautiful woman without an attitude, a luxury car that isn’t too gaudy is difficult to find. It’s for this reason we love the new Mercedes Benz E-Class. We’ve always though the E-Class to be an undervalued brand.Never too flashy on the outside but wrapped in luxury on the inside. However with the […]

BMW 7 Series M-Sport

As if the 7 series wasn’t menacing enough, BMW has decided to beef up their flagship model by tattooing the M brand on the behemoth model. Lowering the car, giving it a more aggressive stance, distinct wheels, menacing front-fascia, signature M steering wheel, footrest and shifter this car definitely looks sportier. It’s what’s under the […]

Ferrari California

With a 460 HP engine and 0-60 time in under 4 seconds, “upgrade” is the last thing on the mind of a California owner. Especially since it comes with a one-year waiting list just to buy the thing. Ferrari’s first every front-mount engine car has taken the Ferrari world by storm and Edo Competition has […]


It seems like every house you drive by has a BMW or Lexus parked out front. For the discerning customer that wishes to stand out in the crowd there is no better choice than the X6. With an aggressive stance, beefy 400hp engine, and a state-of-the-art drive differential that can deliver 100% power to the […]



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